06 June 2014

Fog of...

I recall the assertions from five years ago, that Bergdahl effectively walked off and deserted. This is not new, in the public domain. Wasn't there, so obviously what do I know? But those from his platoon are presently coming out, reaffirming so.

Irrespective of the current public angst over this, and with absolute deference to his team mates' assertions, I re-infuse my [Facebook] post from the other day, and in the face of how it unfortunately seems in vogue to retract...

"Glad Bowe's back and safe. And yes, we did the right thing. And yes, we did negotiate with terrorists. And btw, yes this is hardly the first time we've done that. So get over it and be happy that we did not leave our guy on the field to die."

So then to that, may I add... Let's bring him back to the rule of law, where he will be given due process.  Far better than ultimately what the Taliban would give him. Despite that he was a great propaganda tool for them, over the past five years.

He will have his say, and the prosecution will have its day to put their factual account into the record. And if a court-martial determines that he deserted, given the facts, then dishonorably discharge the man, or other.

All the... not informing the appropriate members of Congress, claiming they did, then admitting they didn't, apologizing for having not, then claiming they didn't apologize, the victory lap with the Rose Garden speech with the parents, (and yet another Susan Rice intentional grounding), not to mention what we got in return...

You all should stop. Separate it. You don't really know what we got in return (including me). All we know is, we released five guys that are really bad somehow - in ways that you don't really know - for our last POW in Afghanistan.

While ending a war. Remember? We had two of them? For the longest time in American history? Where we, for the first time ever, raised no taxes to make you pay for them. Or instituted a draft, so it was someone else's blood and treasure, volunteered.

Where we need to advance interests in a post-American Afghanistan. With a radical polity that has no precedent interest in attacking us outside of AfPak. That we have been attempting to negotiate with for several years now, in this context. And find a way to take steps to unwind Gitmo prisoner detention. Maybe that's what this is about?  Ill-stepped, as it is?

This happened as well in/post Vietnam. It was misguided and accurate, at the same time. A reaction to how we as a proud people vetted a war that was not as pristine as perhaps, pushing back the evil that were the Axis Powers.

Recognize this. Learn from history, please while you still can. Happy D-Day.

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